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FAQ Enquiries about forgotten articles

I forgot something, where should I make an enquiry to?

Please call the nearest station or the Keikyu Information Center

during the same day it was lost.
* Please note that we cannot receive enquiries by email

on weekends, holidays and outside of office hours. Please enquire by phone.

For enquiries on the following day, please enquire to the places below:

Keikyu information center  03-5789-8686 or  045-225-9696

Weekday【9:00~17:00】 Saturday&Holidays【 9:00~17:00】

* The business hours may change.

* For articles forgotten on trains which connect through to the lines of other train operators

(Toei Line, Keisei Line and Hokuso Line), please also enquire with those train operators.

Toei Line (collected together after the 3rd day: it is possible to make an enquiry on the same day) 
Toei Line customer center 03-3816-5700 【9:00~20:00】

◆Keisei Line
Lost & Found Center  
0570-081-160 【12:00~19:00】

Open Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays, holidays and the Year-end and New Year holidays)

◆Hokuso Line
On the same day: Inzai-Makinohara Station  0476-45-8188

or Inba-Nihon-Idai Station 0476-98-0587(Open all year)

The following day and afterwards: Lost & Found Center 047-703-3040【9:30~17:30】

Open only on weekdays (closed on weekends, holidays and the Year-end and New Year holidays)

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