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FAQ Keikyu Line Connecting Zones


How far does the Keikyu Line run?


The Keikyu Line's northernmost station is Sengakuji Station. However, it goes beyond that by connecting through to the Toei Asakusa Line, Keisei Line, Shibayama Railway Line and Hokuso Line.

At its farthest, the Keisei Line operates to Narita Airport Station and Higashi Narita Station; the Shibayama Railway Line operates to Shibayama-Chiyoda Station and the Hokuso Line operates to Inba-Nihon-Idai Station.

(To connect to the Keisei Line, Shibayama Railway Line and Hokuso Line, the train first travels by way of stations such as Nihombashi and Asakusa on the Toei Asakusa Line)

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